Terms and Conditions of Hire

  1. Period of Hire.
  2. A standard one week hire will run from Sunday to Saturday (the contract dates). The contractors reserve the right to make scenery available for hire to any other company or organisation for the week immediately preceding, or following that of the contract dates. If however the scenery is not in use elsewhere, collection or return of the scenery outside of the contract dates will normally be available. If such arrangements are not suitable, the hirer will usually have the option of hiring the scenery for the week prior to or following that of the contract dates at half the main weekly hire charge.

  3. A Contract.
  4. A Contract will exist only after the required booking confirmation form has been completed by the hirer, returned to us and acknowledged. This contract will be between the individual (s) named on the form (jointly and severally) and Stage A Show Ltd.

  5. Insurance.
  6. It is a condition of hire that the scenery is insured by the hirer whilst on hire, in the hands of haoliers contracted by the hirers direct, and/or at the theatre or hall where the production is staged, or any intermediary store, for its foll replacement value. All damages and losses other than normal wear and tear whilst on hire will be charged to the hirers, regardless of the cause of the damage. Failure of the hirer to comply with this requirement will leave the hirer responsible for any damage caused.

  7. Transport.
  8. The set will be delivered at 9.00am and collected at the end of your production run at 10pm, unless otherwise stated in writing. Customers who provide their own transport must have a suitable, closed covered lorry fitted with suitable load restraints. The driver must check that all the required items have been loaded, and sign the checklist to confirm this. Collections and returns at our premises are to be between 10.00AM and 3.30 PM, Monday to Friday. Hirers shoold send at least two able bodied persons to assist with loading. Please also refer to paragraph headed Period of Hire regarding delivery or collection outside the contract dates.

  9. No Responsibility.
  10. No responsiblity will be taken, or claims entertained for shortages, or any items received damaged unless reported to us by, or on the first day of the week of the hire.

  11. Fit for Purpose.
  12. Hired equipment is only to be used for ‘as originally designed’ (E.g. furniture is not for standing or jumping on) .It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that goods are ‘fit for purpose’.

  13. Risk Assessment/Health and Safety.
  14. Any risk assessment is the responsibility of the hirer. Please contact us if there are any Health and Safety issues regarding the set, before any action is taken.

  15. Electrical Items.
  16. Electrical Items will be fitted with industry standard terminations. These plugs and sockets etc must not be removed, or a re-fitting and a re-testing charge will be made. Shoold the hirer require a portable appliance test certificate for any item this shoold be requested in advance, and a testing fee will be payable.

  17. Substitutions.
  18. The contractors reserve the right to make any substitutions that may be deemed necessary due to late or non-return, or damage, by a previous hirer or circumstances beyond their control, and where possible, notice of such will be given.

  19. Alterations
  20. to confirmed orders will be accommodated wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed in writing.

  21. Cancellation.
  22. If the hirer wishes to cancel a confirmed booking, the contractors will make every attempt to re-hire the scenery to another organisation for the contract dates. Shoold this not be possible the hire charge (less a deduction in respect of reduced handling costs) will be payable.

  23. Backcloths.
  24. All hires are to be paid for prior to dispatch/collection. They must be re-folded and replaced in their correctly numbered bags for return. A re-folding charge of £15.00 plus VAT per cloth, will be made for any cloths returned in the wrong bags or incorrectly folded. Backcloths must be hung in a suitable manor, and not walked on and must not come in contact with any liquid. Instructions on correct folding can be supplied on request.

  25. Return of Hired Items.
  26. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all the hired items are returned to our stores. Where we arrange transport, the hirer ensuring that all the items are loaded onto the vehicle for the return will discharge the responsibility.

  27. Force Majeure.
  28. Whilst every endeavour is made to folfil all contracts promptly and efficiently, no responsibility can be accepted or allowances entertained, in respect of circumstances beyond our control.

  29. Payment Terms.
  30. Deposit of 50% of the total invoice amount including transport charges are required at the time of confirmation for set hires. Settlement of the balance invoice for the hire plus other charges will be required by the end of your production date. If settlement is not received within this period then interest may be charged at the rate of 3% over Bank base rate. We reserve the right to request payment in foll before the set is delivered if we consider this necessary.

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